Babylon opens dedicated unit for visa medical services

Babylon Medical Services, leading health care service providers in Sultanate of Oman, recently opened a dedicated unit for doing visa medical/checkup services, introducing speedy medical services concept, first of its kind in Amerat.
Dr Ammar al Najhi, chairman said, “Facing the continuous hot market demand, we further accelerated our one-stop solution theme of providing medical services under one roof.
“We are thrilled, excited, committed and passionate as team to address the community, occupational clients for visa medical/checkup growing needs, following legacy of excellence set up by our medical centres (Babylon Medical Centre) across Oman.”
“This new visa medical/checkup clinic underscores the commitment of the healthcare improving on existing practices in Sultanate of Oman as there is always room for improvements,” said general manager Yousif, speaking on the occasion.
Babylon has employed a dedicated facility, an autonomous laboratory and advanced digital radiology services specialised for the same, strictly adhering with the Ministry of Health and Sultanate of Oman’s prevailing rules and regulations.
Babylon Specialised Medical Centre, a unit of Babylon Medical Services, has been established in the Sultanate of Oman, since 2003.
Its vision has always been to be a world class provider of quality healthcare for all, as it is the deeply rooted core values and a key business strategy. Babylon’s approach to quality combines the concept of patient centred personal care with excellence in clinical care and service delivery at all levels.
This balanced approach to quality is entrenched throughout the company, through its focus on clinical excellence and the patient experience, and through on-going internal monitoring measurement and evidence based practice.

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